December 9, 2022

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The Dark Secret of the Fashion Industry by Lindsay Rae

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The Fashion Industry shows you only a sliver of truth against a backdrop of deceit. We are in the midst of change, and it is slow to take effect, met with constant scrutiny in terms of beauty. Those lucky enough to overcome this and meet the standards to become models are celebrated in the industry. However, regardless of the Body Positivity messages spread across the world, there is no perfect term or size that fits all in beauty. Aspiring Models who embark on the Fashion Industry journey, you must watch “The Dark Secrets of the Fashion Industry” by Lindsay Rae, a luxury boudoir and empowerment photographer. She has shared her journey of self-acceptance. This video is shared by ‘Power of Positivity’- a media website; and the owner of this page is Kristen Butler, who believes in spreading positivity, inspiration, and love in people’s minds towards life. The video is available on their social media pages. Lindsay speaks about how society judges themselves with ‘If’ and that we are in a vicious cycle of being too fat or skinny. It is mainly influenced by her past parental experiences and the present domination of the Fashion Industry. However, her journey from negative self-perceptions to a healthy and positive self-accepting mental state is genuinely inspiring. She encourages the viewers to throw out the beliefs of society and accept yourself the way you are.

In Cosmopolitan magazines’ self-issue series, Ace Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta told them she once wanted to be an actress and how Bollywood rejected her with unrealistic beauty standards. It took her years to accept her body, and she decided not to take this rejection as a failure. Instead, Masaba believed in herself and nourished herself in a different profession. Her Instagram page is a self-love diary where she shares body positivity messages for all. Many prominent faces of the Bollywood Industry like Vidya Balan, Sushmita Sen have also spoken about how body shaming has harmed their mental health. However, all these women came back stronger and learned that what matters is your own perception.

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